Bitcoin exchange rate and how the current payment system works

Everyone knows that Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or better known as the pioneer and mother of all Cryptocurrencies that exist. The Bitcoin payment system is of the p2p type that determines that the operations are reliable, lowering error margins. The Bitcoin project was born from the hand of a pseudonym called SatoshiNakamoto, bitcoin exchange rate giving the best bases of the project.

This is a free software project that gives more security than the currencies of traditional banks. Bitcoin has its control over its operations by going through its platform again during every transaction that is made online. The exchange system, whether for sale or payment of services, is based on cryptography as a means of management.
Likewise, the bitcoin price live is determined by market demand allowing real prices. In the history of Bitcoin, many people were millionaires after their unexpected rise that reached thousands of dollars. Each person is free to use Bitcoin or to reject it since it is not imposed by any government in the world.
The wars waged against bitcoin BTC are due precisely to the fear that governments have of losing their control. Human beings move more towards the future every day, and this implies that the exchange media can change. Currently, Bitcoin can be exchanged in all kinds of changes by entering elite places such as FOREX.
The Bitcoin exchange rate is the value of what will be paid in service. Depending on the rate of the day, a value can be issued in Bitcoin that you can pay for the purchased goods. Unlike other means of payment, these are made without an intermediary only between the buyer and the seller.
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