Demographics and Most Populous Canadian Cities

2016 census reported the total population of 35,151,728; however, the recent estimated population by Statistics Canada is 37,314,442—making it 38th largest country by population. Due to huge area and low population, it is the least densely populated country with just 3.7 people per square kilometer.
Ethnic Groups
Before proceeding to the details about ethnicity of Canadians, you must keep in mind that during the census they can choose more than one ethnicity.
According to the 2016 census, 32.6% of the citizens have Canadian ethnicity, 19.81% have English ethnicity, and 15.42% are French. Other major ethnic groups include Chinese and First Nations with a percentage of 4.54 and 4.17 respectively.
Religious Affiliations
Even though there is no official state religion in Canada, 67.3% follow Christianity, and 23.9% have no religion. Whereas, 7.6% of the population follow other religions. Islam is followed by 3.2%, Hinduism by 1.5%, Sikhism by 1.4%, Buddhism by 1.1%, and Judaism by 1.0%.
Languages spoken in Canada
English and French are the two official languages of Canada. However, 2016 census reported that around 200 languages are spoken in the country. Here is the list of most commonly spoken languages:
• English is spoken by 56.9% (18.9 million)
• French by 21.3% (7.1 million)
• Punjabi by 1.3% (0.4 million)
• Chinese by 1.3% (0.4 million)
• Indigenous languages by 0.7% (0.2 million)
Where are the Most Canadians Living?
Toronto and surrounding regions are the most populated Canadian cities. Toronto with a population of 2,731,579, and Montreal is the second most populated city (1,704,695). Whereas, the capital of Canada—Ottawa—is the fourth most populated city (934,243).
Here is a graph showing the population of most populous cities in Canada.

And when it comes to provinces, Ontario is the most populated province followed by Quebec and British Colombia. Here is a graphical representation of most populated provinces along with their recent population.

If you love the crowded cities, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, or Ottawa can be among your top preferences. MLS CA Map shows trends in residential housing throughout the country. These cities doesn’t only house more people but also provide more jobs and business opportunities. Moreover, the overall quality of life is amazing. Nonetheless, if you like suburb and prefer town over city, Oakville and Richmond Hill in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) can be better choices.


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