Features of the bulk image downloader that you need to know about

You are aware that it is possible to download images from the web pages. When you are talking about having to save all the pictures on the web pages such as the images on Facebook, it will not be easy to do that. Having to do the same process again and again for each of the images is quite overwhelming. That is why, it is best to start using the buik image downloader– BID tool.
Features of the bulk image downloader
The following are some of the features which are unique while using the bulk image downloader. You have to take a close look so that you maximize on the use of the app.
Fast caching
Even on a connection of 2mbps, the bulk image download can cache all the images on a webpage within seconds, thus, no need to start worrying about the speed of processing.
Facility of marking images
Majority of the time, you might not require all the images which are on a particular website. You have to rule out the few from being downloaded. There is no need to worry because the bulk image downloader has such a feature also. You can be able to get a preview of all the images which are on the page which is submitted and you can then select which one has to be downloaded and which one shouldn’t.
Renaming of batch
When talking about images which should be in a certain order, you will need to name them as per the sequence. So you will have to use the BID’s generate filenames feature to be able to rename the images all at once in a certain specific order.
Browser extension availability
It is easier to dive directly into the bulk downloading process from the web browser than having to trigger it manually.