For the remodeling of your windows the home contractor Unified

Do you want to turn your house upside down? Don’t think twice. Look for Unified Home Remodeling, the most complete home contractor in all of New York State. He has 30 years of experience in the field of remodeling, which accredits him as one of the best in the area.

It has highly qualified personnel who have specialized in the remodeling and installation of windows, doors, cladding, roofing and masonry work that will make you have a new home without having to move.

Its main objective is to comply with its three fundamental principles:

• First quality service: since it offers its clients high quality materials and highly professional work.

• Timely installation: They work hard to complete the work in the shortest possible time and thus not greatly impact the daily lives of their clients.

• Guaranteed satisfaction: His excellent works are rated by his clients with 99.6% satisfaction, in addition to granting a lifetime warranty certificate for materials and workmanship.

The guarantee offered by Unified Home Remodeling is for life, and it is not directed at you but at the property. Which means that the guarantee continues once you sell the house, transfer it or silk it to a relative. The new home owner or manager will be eligible for the warranty if there is a defect in Unified’s material or workmanship.

For the remodeling of your windows the home contractor Unified will help you make the best decision. Your window installation experts are up to date on the latest trends in window models and will help you select the perfect replacement.

For your doors, Unified offers you custom door installation for your home. Your designs will be according to the style of your home. It can be the front door, storm door, security door, rear patio door, garage door and interior door. Whatever you need, the home contractor Unified has it.

Do not hesitate to hire the services of Unified Home Remodeling, you will not regret it.