Interesting Facts about Exchanging Information with LAN Messenger

The LAN Messenger is simple to use Instant Messaging application which allows safe and effective conversation through an office LAN or through an Intranet. This software application does not need a server to run, and once it is downloaded, it can easily end up being installed on any kind of computer. A few of the features of this Instant Messaging software application includes party chat rooms via a LAN, PC-to-PC messaging, send out messaging which allows users to notify selected teams or people about certain activities and drag-and-drop feature which offers an easier method of transferring folders and files between two or several people. All files and messages that are exchanged between users are encrypted and protected.

This means that if the office is using the LAN Messenger, it’ll be able to send files as well as messages to various people without the actual files or messages going outside of the office’s lan. This by itself is an advantage because it ensures that absolutely no unauthorized people will examine private company correspondence and does not also accessibility sensitive workplace data. Fundamentally, the data sent using this software program is protected with AES-256. This kind of encryption simply allows conversation within a offered network. In an office, this kind of encryption ensures that employees trade messages and also files firmly and that they usually do not communicate with any person outside the business’ community.

Since outside communication is not encouraged, an additional benefit is that it saves on the organization’s Web bandwidth. Additionally, it minimizes the number of firewall ports that are opened at the same time, which is another advantage since it ensures that outdoors hacks or perhaps IM worms cannot attack the office system. It should actually be said that the actual LAN Messenger is a extremely secure program Instant Messaging. This is because the security functions in this application follow the most recent IT requirements and the program are also updated regularly to include more safety measures since online hackers are also evolving as technology advances.