Orlin Alekseiv: A Graceful Personality

OrlinAlekseivis born inside Sofia. He Orlin Aleksiev (Орлин Алексиев) researched in Bulgaria University as well as the vocational secondary school of electric engineering and also automation. This individual holds a law degree, any master’s diploma, and a Ph.D. in operation administration from the international company of the school.

Political profession of Orlin Aleksiev

He started to take a dynamic part within politics following being selected as the City Councilor. He has been elected for several consecutive phrases. He has been the chairman of the standing up committee regarding finance spending budget during his tenure various account finances activities on the basis of objectives have been adopted. Moreover, he’s got initiated the particular Sofia municipality in order to regain charge of the municipal bank. Their efforts have already been successful and institution continues to be stabilized.

Fascination with cars

Since because of their fascination with automobiles he is one of the founders regarding Association regarding Car importers (AVA) inside Bulgaria. This individual aims in order to synchronize existing commercial apply through Western standards he has been part of its supervision till 2016. In to finance different projects in this area, they realize the cash from SOPF that is being maintained by the supervision council.It’s made up of 14 people and it is chaired by himself coming from three consecutive years

Darker alley

In 2014 Bulgarian staff participated in the game darker street represented through Orlin Aleksiev and Plamen Nikolov. He is one of the most important competitors while he placed themselves in the top position of this great competition worldwide. Thanks to the hard work from the whole of the team it’s one of the most excellent sports when the participant may participate in various types of vehicles.

Orlin Aleksiev (Орлин Алексиев) is among the most prestigious personalities through his period the state of Sofia provides achieved outstanding success and also growth in that time.