Questions about eyelash extensions with answers

eyelash extensions frisco will make your makeup look come back to life. Whether you are doing it for the first time or you have once done it, the following are some of the answers to questions you might be having about eyelash extensions before your next appointment.

• How long is it going to take?: It takes about two hours depending on the place where you have gone to do the process. The work needs to be thorough and thus, worth the wait. The extensions are applied individually and the process is very delicate requiring patience. If rushed, it can leave you disappointed.
• Is it a painful process?: It needs to be a painless process. The tools for doing the job are tweezers and glue. The most you should feel is a slight discomfort the first few times. After that, there is nothing you need to worry about.
• How long is it going to last?: It is going to last as long as your natural eyelashes last before they shed which is at most, one month. You have to avoid oil-based and water-based products when using an eyelash extension as they tend to weaken the glue bond and will cause them to come out. You should go for products that are gentle like oil-free makeup remover for the longevity of the extensions.
• Are there risks involved?: Just like any other thing in life, when you get an eyelash extension, it comes with its risks. You may lose your natural eyelashes due to getting extensions constantly without giving the eyelash a break.
There is also a possibility of experiencing an allergic reaction from the chemicals which are found in the glue which is used. This could lead to an eye infection. If the process is done by unskilled professionals, then expect more risks to be encountered.