After your car getting involved in a severe auto accident, and you took it to a professional auto body shop such as an auto body repair shop for a few days or weeks, you need to inspect it after you are called that the work is done. You might be a little nervous, not knowing if the repairs were done correctly and wondering what to look for when you get at the shop.

Upon arriving, a professional technician will walk you around your vehicle carefully using a written checklist while explaining to you what has been done and why it was done that way. It would help if you asked them about the warranty of the shop as many auto repair shops do provide at least one year for a certain number of miles. It is still essential for you to conduct an independent inspection before you drive off.
Here are some of the tips for inspection:
• Is your car clean?: When the vehicle is dirty, it might hide imperfections, and that is why your vehicle needs to be cleaned inside and outside when you go to pick it. Ensure that it has been vacuumed after washing out thoroughly so that you can quickly inspect the repaired areas. Even your engine and floor mats should be clean.
No old parts should be left lying around your trunk, interior, or engine compartment, not a single bolt or nut. When you pick up a clean car, it represents the shop to have professionals giving you less reasons to doubt their work.
• Inspect the repaired areas on your car: Ensure that the areas which had suffered damage should be thoroughly inspected to ensure that the repair work was done well. If, after the checks, you realize that it is okay, inspect the paintwork and see if it is seamless with the original vehicle paint.